#1 Best Seller in Japan, US, France, Spain, Germany and UK: Bilingual Children's Book "Am I small?"


"#1 Best Seller in Children's French Books", "#1 Bestseller in Vorlesebücher für Kinder", "#1 Meilleure vente dans Aventure pour enfants",  "Más vendido en Idiomas para niños y jóvenes",  "#1 Best Seller in ESL for Young Adults", "ベストセラー - カテゴリ Children's Japanese Language Books" ...
What do the following countries have in common: Japan, the United States, Spain, France, United Kingdom and Germany?

Exactly! Everywhere people read the world children's book  "Am I small?" in many languages to their children. #1 best sellers in Japan even receive a little golden crown:





Many thanks!

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New Arrival: "Sri Lanka" - Wimmelfotoheft #5


"Sri Lanka Highlights & Impressions: Original Wimmelfotoheft #5" - Are there elephants in Sri Lanka? Which color do post boxes in Sri Lanka have?

Wimmelfotoheft #5 is not only fun for children, but for Sri Lanka fans of all ages. It has almost no text, but many, many photos. With the "Wimmelfoto Game" at the end you can check whether you have spotted all the details.

More than 100 photos invite you to wonder and enjoy highlights of a fascinating country.